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S4NDMoD Information

S4NDMoD is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein server-side modification. S4NDMoD is designed to work best with RtCW versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.3, 1.31 and demo. The mod will operate on other versions, but there are many bugs that result from running on different versions of the game and these can/will not be fixed. If you are looking for a mod for RtCW versions 1.33 or 1.4/1.41, try Shrubmod, Banimod, OSP, Fritzbot or Omni-bot. Currently, only Omni-bot is still being developed.

Most Current Version

2.4.0 (Download Here)


All prior version of S4NDMoD are unsupported. If you need help running a version other than the one listed above, you may find help from other users in the forums, but we will not focus our efforts on an older version. Any bugs discovered will be fixed only in a newer version, we will not re-release old versions of the mod.

S4NDMoD Community Members

We greatly thank those members of the community who have supported us through the years.

  • Maks (“Splin”) – Main Beta Tester
  • Eamon (“Dutchmeat”) – Code Donations, Initial 1.0 Punkbuster Release
  • Jesse L (“Gump”) – Beta Tester
  •  ??? ("Haze") - Code Donations
  • Sean Griffen ("Jester") - Beta Tester

S4NDMoD Features


S4NDMoD includes many changes that are scalable at the decision of server admins. Many exploits have been fixed in S4NDMoD including:

  • Infinite grenade spam.
  • Players dying through walls by explosions (indoor artillery)
  • Eliminated the ability to crash the server
  • Prevented no recoil on sniper rifle
  • Documents no longer are removed from the map when dropped in doorways
  • Ability of clients to download new files/maps from a server

New Features

  • Full PunkBuster support
  • Client side version featuring:
    • HTTP Downloads
    • Colored crosshair
    • Improved server browser
    • HUD customizations
  • New weapons:
    • FG-42
    • Shotgun
  • A Master Ban List to ban cheaters globally
  • Automatic Anti-TK system
  • Antilag
  • Improved network code
  • Landmines
  • Automated MG42s
  • IP Address Banning
  • Admin system
  • Improved movement code for clients
  • Additional game play modes, such as:
    • Goldrush
    • Deathmatch
    • Sniper War
    • Panzer War
    • Free for all Deathmatch
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