Reich Strikes Back Cup


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Nope! It is going to happen again right here and right now! We are happy to announce the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cup: The Reich Strikes Back and see as many teams as possible whambamshazam each other on the battlefield.

With the RtCW Alliance Cup being a success, the people behind the cup have decided to host another edition. This time your adminteam will be bully, Virus047, Gut, Lasher and adeto. They will do their very best to create another great tournament and an as joyful as possible experience for teams, players and of course the loyal viewers over at WarWitchTV!

As in the previous tournament, we will start off with a group stage. Aiming for sixteen teams, we will have four groups of four, one of which will hold the North American teams. Unlike the previous tournament though, we have decided to have forced maps during the groups. This way we can see all maps of the pool being played, instead of good old Village and Ice all the time. This is where we take the jump to the schedule, as that will also reveal the maps for each matchweek!


Signups open! Signing up is easy, simply message an admin with your teamname, teamcaptain and roster and you’re all set! You can find them in #Reich.cup on IRC! You can also PM an admin on or email with your roster. Please include your country of origin for team and players please to assist with admins in placing teams into groups.

April 12th:

Last day of signups

April 13th through April 19th:

Group matchweek #1

Maps: Beach & Ice, Frostbite if a decider is needed

April 20th through April 26th:

Group matchweek #2

Maps: Frostbite & Base, Village if a decider is needed

April 27th through May 3rd:

Group matchweek #3

Maps: Village & Assault, UFO if a decider is needed

May 4th through May 17th:

Catch up & Wildcard Dates

We have given ourselves two weeks of extra time for delays and any matches that have still have to be played at this time. These weeks also give us some flexibility if we have larger groups than four!

May 18th – To be determined

Playoff stage

We aim to start the playoffs in this week and are giving ourselves and the teams some flexibility by not fully scheduling from this point. More dates will be announced as the tournament reveals itself.

Now to the rules, we took a good look at the rules again with last tournament in mind and some rules have changed. Some changes have been made to the serverconfig aswell: cg_shadows is now forced to 0, cg_autoaction is now forced to 7 and pmove_fixed is forced to 0 aswell. We highly recommend teamcaptains and players to check the new rulepages and if they have any questions, or suggestions, to message an admin. A big thing we want to put out there as an admin team, is that the rules are only there to fall back to if trouble occurs and we hope teams and players can find solutions together where possible!

Click here to find the rulebook!

For now we have said all that we want to say, if there are any questions feel free to message one of the admins on irc, ask them for a talk on teamspeak or message Virus047 at: as he is our rules expert and will most likely be able to answer most questions!

ASUS Alliance 6vs6 RtCW Cup

asusallianceJust in time for the 12 year anniversary of RtCW. I am here to announce the new Alliance ASUS 6vs6 RtCW-Cup. Created by a group of RtCW fans who came together to organize this new cup. There is a tight schedule in this cup that everybody has to be aware of. Also a group of 5 admins will help guide teams on their way into the games in order to keep up to speed with the schedule and thus making things go as smooth as possible. Below this text you can find more info about the cup and its time schedule.

More info about the Alliance Cup:

Format: 6vs6 ABBA Stopwatch
Team amount: 16
Cup format: Group stage to double elimination play-offs

Time Schedule:

Tournament signups are open from now until Saturday 30 November
Groups will be announced at the end of Saturday the 30th
1st game can be played between the 1st of December until the 8th of December
2nd game needs to be played by 15 December
3rd game needs to be played by 22 December
Around x-mas and new year’s day we’ll have a 2 weeks break
Play-offs start the first week of January
Grand final deadline will be February 2nd



Prizes: 1x ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN 6GD5 Graphics Card + $ TBA

Shoutcast will be provided by WarWitch and his companions Sabo and Nail on So please sign up now so you can be part of this amazing event.

Frag On!!!

Wolfenstein – The New Order

The first-person shooter that started it all is back – Wolfenstein: The New Order will hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC at the end of the year, Bethesda Softworks announced today.

“We are excited to bring a new chapter of Wolfenstein to gamers everywhere,” Jens Matthies, creative director of the Sweden-based MachineGames, said in a statement. “As fans of the series, working on this game is an honor, and our team is driven to create an unforgettable action-adventure experience that will make FPS fans proud.”

Beginning tomorrow, Gamespot will run a series of exclusive feature stories with additional details about the game. No official launch date has been released, but The New Order is set for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and PCs to start.

Announcement Trailer

Wolfenstein Facebook

Wolfenstein Twitter

RtCW 2013 – State of the Game

Hello Wolfenstein fans! Welcome to another year of exciting Return to Castle Wolfenstein action. As we begin another year, I wanted to outline some of the events happening in the RtCW community over the past year and upcoming this year.

First, an updated version of the S4NDMoD PunkBuster installer has been released. This will also provide the updated master server list. A version is also available for 1.4 players. If your server list is empty, please install this. Server admins, please remember to set sv_master1 to “”

The RtCW 2012-2013 Cup is still in full swing with the playoffs in progress. You can catch all of the information over on Warwitch’s Facebook page.

Lastly, check out RtCW Coop! This lets you play the single player game with your friends. You need to have RtCW 1.4 patch installed to get it to work, but it is well worth it. You can have both 1.0 and 1.4 installed at the same time!

10 Years of Return to Castle Wolfenstein

10 years ago who would have thought there would still be people playing and developing for RtCW.  Additionally, who could predict that the sequel to the game would flourish for only a month before falling?  I would personally like to thank iD Software, Nerve, Activision, Gray Matter, and anyone else who assisted in creating the best class based multiplayer game ever.  The release of Software Development Kits (SDK) has impacted the game’s ability to survive all these years.  Unfortunately, it appears the trend for PC games is to produce downloadable content and ranked/official servers, severely hampering the customization PC games used to be known and purchased for.  Gamers used to opt for the PC version over consoles because of the free user content that would come with the game.

At S4NDMoD, we will continue to support RtCW as long as there is someone else to play against.  Our public servers have always been free and will continue to be provided for the benefit of the community.  In return, we only ask that you continue to bring new players to this tired old game which we refuse to let die.

With PunkBuster no longer supporting iD Tech 3 games, we have had to scramble to make some last minute changes before coming out with our latest release.  We are currently fixing a Linux server bug and will be releasing after that is finished.

Since starting on S4NDMoD, Travis and I have taken on many more real-world responsibilities.  As a result, our 10 year anniversary release will likely be our last release that incorporates many new features; subsequent releases will only address bugs.

In closing, I would ask you to examine these two quotes and try to apply another game to these quotes.  If you can, by all means please go play it; but I don’t think you will have any success.

“Polished to perfection.”  “The perfect shooter.” -PC Gamer, 2001

“RTCW offers up a fantastic ‘Allied vs. Axis’ team-based multiplayer mode…RTCW’s multiplayer is an absolute blast.” – 2001

RTCW Master Server List

As many of you have already discovered, the original RtCW master server list has been shutdown. Right now details surrounding this shutdown are very unclear. Instead of speculating about why it’s down or if it will return I would like to get to the point and give you a solution.


Players, please select the version of RtCW that you are running and download the corresponding file. Please make sure to select the correct path when you install the patch!

If you have any questions please address them in our forums, we have a thread about this patch HERE!

Server Admins

For server admins to take advantage of this solution you will need to simply get your server listed on the dpmaster server. This can be achieved by simply setting the request in your server config file. Add the following to your config
set sv_master5 “”

We would like to thank the people who are running: (I’d provide more info on how to thank them, but I am unable to find much info about who actually runs that master list).

RtCW Engine Source Code Released

John Carmack announced the release of the engine source code for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory today at QuakeCon.  While S4NDMoD has no plans to work on the engine, the guys at ioQuake3 plan to work on both ET and RtCW.  If you are interested in looking or modifying the source code, you can grab the RtCW Single or Multi player source code from the links below.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein MultiPlayer Engine Source Code ( (3.17 MB)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein SinglePlayer Engine Source Code ( (3.55 MB)

S4NDMoD Movie Mod



Requirements: You need to have the S4NDMoD PunkBuster patch installed.
1. Download the beta here
2. Put the s4ndmodmovie folder inside your Return to Castle Wolfenstein game directory.
3. Create a shortcut to WolfMP.exe
4. Right click on the shortcut and select properties.
5. On the ‘Target’ line, add +set fs_game s4ndmodmovie
Your target should now look like this: “”C:Program FilesReturn To Castle WolfensteinWolfMP.exe” +set fs_game s4ndmodmovie


movie_cpSize [9.6]
Allows changing of the center print message size

movie_cpShadow [1]
Allows enabling/disabling of the shadowing on center prints

movie_killMsgs [0] (Bitflagged – add these to get the desired values)
1 – Print ONLY kills
2 – Show disconnects (helpful for ragequits)
4 – Show objective information (eg. docs stolen, returned, etc)
8 – Show client kicks (negative score, punkbuster violations, etc)
16 – Only draw kills where the current player is involved.

movie_drawStopwatch [1]
Enable/disable drawing of the stopwatch.  Helpful when combined with cg_hudalpha 0, cg_drawstatus 0 and cg_drawcompass 0 (these three settings will turn off all of the hud).

movie_cp [0]
Only show ‘you killed’ messages in center print

movie_drawObjectiveIcons [1]
Enable/disable drawing of the objective flag and timer.

movie_playerName [0]
Draw the name of the player you are currently watching in the lower left

movie_chams [0, cheat]
This cvar will draw the axis team with a red cham and the allied team in a blue cham. This cvar is cheat protected, meaning it will be disabled if you attempt to join a server with it turned on.

cg_drawPickupItem [1]
Allows enabling/disabling of the lower left weapon pickup notifications.

OSP Objective Cup [Canceled]

This event has been canceled.  A cup may be run by S4NDMoD in the near future.

Hello Wolfenstein fans.  It has been a while since any significant news has graced the front page of  A new RtCW 1.4 OSP cup is slowly gaining interest.  Matches will be 5v5 or 6v6.  The cup has not been finalized because more players and teams are needed. 

To all of the 1.0 clans that will read this.  While most of you probably only play deathmatch now, I am sure many of you can remember the fun matches you used to play on servers like Beach, KennysCult and many of the other objective servers.  This may be the last opportunity to play objective matches versus skilled, human opponents.  There is no cost to join the cup.

If you are interested, please contact Source via email at or on X-Fire: src722.

S4NDMoD Public Servers

As many of you are aware, S4NDMoD Hosting closed forever last month.  Our public Return to Castle Wolfenstein servers, such as Depot and Rotation, were very popular with the community and we did not want to see these servers close.  We have decided to re-open our public servers once again, with the exception that Depot is no longer hosted in Germany.  S4NDMoD will not be renting servers.  You can find the list of public servers below.  All of our servers stream to and  Clicking on the IP address will direct you to the page for each server.

RtCW 1.0 Dual Objective: GameTracker 24/7 Beach: GameTracker Rotation: GameTracker Deathmatch: GameTracker OSP Settings GameTracker

RtCW 1.4 Depot: GameTracker OSP: GameTracker

RtCW Demo Demo: GameTracker

Enemy Territory


Killing Floor

S4NDMoD.COM [Hard | Long | Map Voting | Whitelist Maps]: GameTracker

Left 4 Dead 2

Currently Down

TeamSpeak 3

S4NDMoD Teamspeak: