Attention RTCW Community! Yes! Community: As in ONE large but completely messed up group of people still playing this game. We are talking to both sides of RTCW community that is merely separated by a giant pond! More or less half the admin staff that brought you the last RTCW cup (The Reich Strikes Back) is proud to present our next installment of RTCW Action! We have 2 continents still playing this game and only one cup to win… so we bring you: 2 CONTINENTS! 1 CUP! … CUP!

This Cup will bring a new twist on the last few cups as we are moving away from group stages and going back to a more old school feel for the game when we used to play under a ‘seasons’ format. Meaning we will have set default dates and times and each week a new map will be played as the ONLY map during that week’s action. This also includes OFFICIAL SET DATE/TIMES for our favorite NA vs. EU match ups (and EU vs. EU and NA vs. NA). Meaning if you fail to show up on time or make other arrangements to play the match BEFORE the default date/time you will forfeit and the next week’s schedule will begin. We will have no reschedules! This means almost zero delay! We will also have a playoff and are planning to include a few custom maps along the way to keep things interesting (don’t worry we don’t plan on being CRAZY with our selection of custom maps). Community members will in fact have a chance to vote on the custom maps they wish to see used in the cup during two weeks in the regular season. More details on that to follow as well as loads of information on our websites rules page!

Along with this exciting news we are also proud to announce merl1nator will be taking the lead as our main caster for this event. WarWitchTV and the rest of the Mg42 crew will also be providing coverage but on a smaller level then previous cups. Again much like last cup we are attempting to organize a prize pool but can’t release any official details about this until we can 100% confirm that aspect. So be on the lookout for this information on our website and other RTCW news outlets (Facebook, Crossfire, merl1nator, WarWitchTV, etc.).

Signups begin immediately and will end on the 15th of February @ 11:59 PM EST.

Official Start Date: February 22nd, 2015

Map schedule teams will be using:

Week 1: Ice
Week 2: Base
Week 3: TBA (#1 Voted Custom)
Week 4: Village
Week 5: Assault
Week 6: TBA (#2 Voted Custom)
Week 7: Beach
Week 8: Frostbite

Playoffs Begin on or around the last week of April. More details will follow on the official playoff maps and schedule.

During the last few months we have been working closely with members of the RTCW community to provide for you a change of pace with this new cup and hope the ‘seasons’ format removes much of the delay that generally happens in the group stage cups and playoffs. Also we are again tweaking our rule set and expect teams and team captains to be fully compliant with these rules. Most noteworthy is teams will be required to submit a valid GUID with each of your players as you signup. We will have a ZERO tolerance policy in place during the cup when it comes to following the rules.

You can officially submit your teams name, region, roster, locations of each player and GUID’s to: Virus047.STA@gmail.com or message Virus047 thru Crossfire.

NOTE: We will have EU vs. NA matches but we will attempt to limit the number of cross continent match ups during the regular season as we feel that is the best way to keep the season going on schedule and make for a more exciting playoff. So it is possible you MIGHT play the same EU and NA teams twice during the regular season.

The Admin team and I wish everyone the best of luck this cup and can’t wait to get this kicked off! Thanks! GL HF!’

Cup Admin Team:
Malmen (webhost)

Cup Website: