S4NDMoD Movie Mod



Requirements: You need to have the S4NDMoD PunkBuster patch installed.
1. Download the beta here
2. Put the s4ndmodmovie folder inside your Return to Castle Wolfenstein game directory.
3. Create a shortcut to WolfMP.exe
4. Right click on the shortcut and select properties.
5. On the ‘Target’ line, add +set fs_game s4ndmodmovie
Your target should now look like this: “”C:Program FilesReturn To Castle WolfensteinWolfMP.exe” +set fs_game s4ndmodmovie


movie_cpSize [9.6]
Allows changing of the center print message size

movie_cpShadow [1]
Allows enabling/disabling of the shadowing on center prints

movie_killMsgs [0] (Bitflagged – add these to get the desired values)
1 – Print ONLY kills
2 – Show disconnects (helpful for ragequits)
4 – Show objective information (eg. docs stolen, returned, etc)
8 – Show client kicks (negative score, punkbuster violations, etc)
16 – Only draw kills where the current player is involved.

movie_drawStopwatch [1]
Enable/disable drawing of the stopwatch.  Helpful when combined with cg_hudalpha 0, cg_drawstatus 0 and cg_drawcompass 0 (these three settings will turn off all of the hud).

movie_cp [0]
Only show ‘you killed’ messages in center print

movie_drawObjectiveIcons [1]
Enable/disable drawing of the objective flag and timer.

movie_playerName [0]
Draw the name of the player you are currently watching in the lower left

movie_chams [0, cheat]
This cvar will draw the axis team with a red cham and the allied team in a blue cham. This cvar is cheat protected, meaning it will be disabled if you attempt to join a server with it turned on.

cg_drawPickupItem [1]
Allows enabling/disabling of the lower left weapon pickup notifications.

Hitsounds, Soundpacks, Scripts, Fonts and Christmas Skins

To install the files, simply place the .pk3 in either /main or /s4ndmod on your server.  Placing them in /s4ndmod will force all clients to download them.

S4NDMoD Hitsounds – 8/2007 – S4NDMoD_Hitsounds_00.pk3

S4NDMoD Map Scripts – 12/2008 – S4NDMoD_Scripts_02.pk3 – For g_deathmatch and single player maps.

S4NDMoD Christmas Hats – 12/2008 – S4NDMoD_XMAS.pk3

S4NDMoD Soundpack 1 – 4/2005 – hs sounds2.pk3

S4NDMoD Soundpack 2 – 9/2005 – S4NDMod-pak1.pk3

The following files are not needed if a server is running PunkBuster as these are already included in the client.

S4NDMoD/OSP Font 1 – 8/2007 – mp_S4NDMoD_Font_01.pk3

S4NDMoD/OSP Font 2 – 8/2007 – mp_S4NDMoD_Font_02.pk3