Reich Strikes Back Cup


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Nope! It is going to happen again right here and right now! We are happy to announce the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cup: The Reich Strikes Back and see as many teams as possible whambamshazam each other on the battlefield.

With the RtCW Alliance Cup being a success, the people behind the cup have decided to host another edition. This time your adminteam will be bully, Virus047, Gut, Lasher and adeto. They will do their very best to create another great tournament and an as joyful as possible experience for teams, players and of course the loyal viewers over at WarWitchTV!

As in the previous tournament, we will start off with a group stage. Aiming for sixteen teams, we will have four groups of four, one of which will hold the North American teams. Unlike the previous tournament though, we have decided to have forced maps during the groups. This way we can see all maps of the pool being played, instead of good old Village and Ice all the time. This is where we take the jump to the schedule, as that will also reveal the maps for each matchweek!


Signups open! Signing up is easy, simply message an admin with your teamname, teamcaptain and roster and you’re all set! You can find them in #Reich.cup on IRC! You can also PM an admin on or email with your roster. Please include your country of origin for team and players please to assist with admins in placing teams into groups.

April 12th:

Last day of signups

April 13th through April 19th:

Group matchweek #1

Maps: Beach & Ice, Frostbite if a decider is needed

April 20th through April 26th:

Group matchweek #2

Maps: Frostbite & Base, Village if a decider is needed

April 27th through May 3rd:

Group matchweek #3

Maps: Village & Assault, UFO if a decider is needed

May 4th through May 17th:

Catch up & Wildcard Dates

We have given ourselves two weeks of extra time for delays and any matches that have still have to be played at this time. These weeks also give us some flexibility if we have larger groups than four!

May 18th – To be determined

Playoff stage

We aim to start the playoffs in this week and are giving ourselves and the teams some flexibility by not fully scheduling from this point. More dates will be announced as the tournament reveals itself.

Now to the rules, we took a good look at the rules again with last tournament in mind and some rules have changed. Some changes have been made to the serverconfig aswell: cg_shadows is now forced to 0, cg_autoaction is now forced to 7 and pmove_fixed is forced to 0 aswell. We highly recommend teamcaptains and players to check the new rulepages and if they have any questions, or suggestions, to message an admin. A big thing we want to put out there as an admin team, is that the rules are only there to fall back to if trouble occurs and we hope teams and players can find solutions together where possible!

Click here to find the rulebook!

For now we have said all that we want to say, if there are any questions feel free to message one of the admins on irc, ask them for a talk on teamspeak or message Virus047 at: as he is our rules expert and will most likely be able to answer most questions!